Briercrest Christian Academy is a community that is unapologetically committed to calling its students to live by faith as disciples of Jesus.

A disciple is someone who accepts the teaching of a great leader, lives by it, and is passionate to share it with others. Christian discipleship, then, is the process of growing in maturity as a disciple of Christ. Along with the Holy Spirit, we call our students to have faith in Jesus, to adopt his teaching about the Kingdom of God as revealed in Scripture, and to live more and more like him every day.

6 Ways Discipleship Happens at Briercrest Christian Academy

6 Ways Discipleship Happens at Briercrest Christian Academy

Learn more about how BCA nurtures spiritual growth in students through chapel, Christian Ethics classes, small groups, spiritual emphasis weeks, Youth Quake, and service opportunities.

Discipleship Initiatives

Although we believe every facet of a person's life is a context for discipleship, at Briercrest Christian Academy, we intentionally set time aside during the school day to worship God and grow as disciples of Jesus. All students are required to participate in the following discipleship initiatives:

Christian Ethics class

For the first two semesters, students are enrolled in a Christian ethics class that focuses on studying and memorizing the Bible, learning about Christian history, theology, and spiritual disciplines. Additionally, this class is an opportunity for students to ask questions about God and the Christian faith and to learn from their teacher’s life experiences and faith in Jesus.


A typical week includes two chapel times in which students gather together to foster Christ-centered fellowship, to worship God, and to receive instruction from God’s word, the Bible. Occasionally, we join the College and Seminary students for larger chapels led by our President.

Small groups

One of the chapels each week is devoted to small groups. These groups are comprised of students from the same grade and gender who are led in a time of relationship-building, discussion, and prayer by volunteers from the community and Briercrest College. The purpose is to connect students with mature Christian mentors and provide a space for students to ask tough questions about faith and life.

Spiritual Emphasis weeks

Twice per year, BCA holds a Spiritual Emphasis week in which we give extra emphasis and encouragement toward spiritual formation, discipleship, and growth in relationship with God.

Typically, there are typically 6 chapel sessions that week (in comparison to the usual two) in which a guest speaker is brought in to teach our staff and students and challenge them to go deeper in their relationship with God.

Dorm life

Discipleship also permeates the dorm context for those living in residence.

Other Opportunities for Spiritual Growth

One-On-One Mentorship

When you attend BCA, you have the opportunity to be mentored one-on-one as a follower of Jesus, if you wish. Talk to the Director of Discipleship through the Student Development Office for more information.

Youth Quake

Every February, students participate in Youth Quake, a Christian youth retreat by Briercrest. During Youth Quake, over a thousand high school students and youth workers join us on campus for a weekend of worship, speakers, small group time, concerts, competitions, and more!

Outreach and Service

Jesus did not come to be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many. Our students have a number of opportunities throughout the year to put their faith into action and, like Jesus, serve others. From shoveling people’s driveways when we get a dump of snow, to serving at a local soup kitchen, to going to other countries to help people in need, we try to provide opportunities for students to step out of their comfort zone and help other people.