Payment Information

A Payment Agreement that selects a Payment Plan must be submitted by all students to receive access to course registration.   This document will be sent to parents as part of the enrolment package.

How Much to Pay

Tuition and Fees can be calculated according to the student's situation. Payment amounts and payment plans will be sent to all parents/guardians prior to the start of school if a payment agreement has been submitted. During the school year, a monthly statement will be e-mailed to parents for any month that has account activity or a balance owing.  For more information contact the Finance office (306) 801-4542.

How Fees are Billed

Tuition, standard fees, room and board are billed at the beginning of the academic year. Grad fees are billed in September and are included in the cost of attendance calculated at the beginning of the school year. Optional fees such as music lessons, college tuition, sports, counseling and tutoring are all billed as required.

Standard Fees Definition
Standard fees billed to each student are student activity fee, year book fee, student recreation fee and grad fee (grade 12 only). For dorm students it also includes laundry and internet safety software, damage deposit (first semester of attendance only) and mattress cover (first semester of attendance only).

When to Pay

Payment is due in full on Check-In Day in the fall semester unless an alternate plan is set up according to the payment plan options below.

Payment Options and Due Dates

2 Payments
Two installments that cover tuition, room and board (where applicable) and standard fees for the year. This plan does not have a payment plan fee and interest will not begin to accrue until the end of January provided the September payment is made on time.

Fall: Minimum of 50% due on Check-In Day

Winter: Remaining balance due on the first day of classes in January

8 Payments
Tuition, room and board (where applicable) and standard fees for the year are broken into 8 equal payments, September-April. First payment is due on Check-In Day (September), subsequent payments (October–April) are due on a monthly basis and must be pre-authorized via credit card or direct debit. A one-time financing fee of $100 will be charged at the time of registration with no interest fees if payments are made on time.

Personalized Payment Plan
Families may request a personalized payment plan, which will only be granted in exceptional cases. The request needs to be received by the Student Finance Office prior to Registration Day. A one-time financing fee of $100 will be charged at the time of registration with no interest charged if payments are made on time. Parents/Guardians must submit a payment plan agreement form and indicate who the contact person will be and what payment plan they intend to follow. Students will be granted access to course registration once the payment plan agreement has been submitted and approved.


How and Where to Pay

Payment can be made...

International Students


A finance charge of 1.5% per month or 18% per annum will be applied to all past due accounts.

Missed and Non Payment Policy

A minimum of 50% of the annual tuition, room and board, and standard fees must be paid prior to December exams. 100% of the annual tuition, room and board, and standard fees must be paid prior to April exams. Missed (NSF, etc.) payments must be made up prior to the end of the respective semester. If the minimum payments are not made, students will be Required to Discontinue following exams of the respective semester. Final marks and/or requests for transcripts will not be released if the student has an outstanding financial obligation to Briercrest Christian Academy.

Collections Policy

Briercrest will take appropriate steps to collect outstanding accounts, including the use of a collection agency, where necessary.

Fee Breakdown and Refunds

Late Arrivals
Students who enter school late do not receive any reduction of fees for tuition, room, or board.

Tuition, Room and Board Charges for partial attendance

A. Attend Term 1 only 50% charged
B. Attend Terms 1 and 2 100% charged
C. Attend Term 2 only 50% charged
D. Attend Terms 2 and 3 60% charged
E. Attend Term 3 only 20% charged


Refund Policy

  1st 10 days of Term 1 Up to 30 days of Term 1 Not returning for term 2 and 3 Up to 30 days of Term 2 After 30 days of Term 2 Term 3
Tuition Full refund minus $200 deposit plus $150 withdraw fee* 75% 50% 25% No refund No refund
Room and Board Full refund $150/calendar week of remaining weeks in term 1. Term 2 and 3 refunded in full. 60% $150/calendar week + term 3 refunded in full $150/calendar week. Term 3 refunded in full. 20% refund
Fees Full refund 50% No refund No refund No refund No refund
ENGLISH+ Full refund less $1000 75% 50% 25% No refund No refund

*International Students: full refund minus $500

International Students who do not receive a study permit or who are denied a study permit will be refunded the full cost of attendance deposited to Briercrest minus $500.

Damage Deposit: see Briercrest Christian Academy Residence Life Code




Subject to Change


Please note that policies and rates may change without notice.