The BCA Difference

At BCA, we believe that all of our students will be better prepared for lives of service by interacting with individuals from a variety of cultural, linguistic, and ethnic backgrounds. We seek to provide a spiritually nurturing, academically rigorous, and emotionally supportive environment that will enable you to learn effectively and to grow into the person God has created you to be.

  • The ENGLISH+ program goes beyond the traditional classroom to give international students an authentic Canadian experience. 
    • Community events engage students in Canadian culture
    • Local and regional fieldtrips provide experiential learning
    • Opportunities for growth and learning continue in school dormitories 
  • Caronport provides a high ratio of native English speakers to ESL students, guaranteeing an effective immersion environment. 
    • Students live on a safe, inclusive campus
    • Tobacco and alcohol are not available for purchase in Caronport
    • All Briercrest students sign a contract to abstain from drugs and alcohol
    • Fun and engaging social activities are open to anyone
    • The small community allows you to get to know your peers 
  • International students live in residence at school 
    • Unlike homestay programs, you live alongside your peers which helps you integrate into the student body
    • Nurturing dorm staff act as mentors and leaders
    • Our dormitories are a five-minute walk from the main academic building, so you can participate fully in co-curricular and social activities
Coming to BCA has been life changing for me. I've learned so much about Christ and experienced the love of many people. I'm amazed by the dynamics of this community as a school, and I've met fantastic teachers and people that genuinely care about us.
Cindy Hui