• How can I get to Caronport?
    • In order to get to Caronport, you will need to fly into the Regina airport. Regina is approximately one hour east of Caronport. Moose Jaw, the closest city to Caronport, is about a 15-minute drive to the east. All three cities are located on the Trans-Canada Highway #1. Airport pickup is available for BCA students; please contact us at 1.800.667.5199 to arrange a time.

  • My child is a Canadian citizen; do we pay Canadian or international tuition?
    • Eligibility for local fees is determined by the residency of the student’s family, not by citizenship. Families who reside outside of Saskatchewan will pay Out-of-Province/International tuition. 

      Note that international students pay the same tuition as students from other provinces.

  • Do international students with Canadian citizenship require a study permit?
    • All non-Canadian citizens require a study permit to attend BCA. International students who have Canadian citizenship and hold a Canadian passport will not need a study permit.

  • Is it mandatory for my child to be in the ENGLISH+ program?
    • The ENGLISH+ program is much more than an ESL program. All international students are required to be a part of ENGLISH+. They benefit not only form the academic and ESL supports, but the care and travel aspects of the program as well.

  • When should my child arrive for school, and can parents accompany them?
    • The high school dorms will open for students to move in 1 day prior to the first day of classes. Students coming early must be accompanied by a parent or make their own arrangements for accommodation.  

      Parents may accompany their student when they first arrive. Depending on availability, the school can provide dorm room accommodation during their stay for up to five days. After five days there will be a $35/night charge. 

At BCA I was challenged both academically and spiritually, and at the same time provided an amazing community that I will never forget.
Shaelyn Putnam