We are a small school with big school facilities. We enjoy the intimacy of being a small school, and consequently, we are able to nurture strong bonds between our students and our faculty. However, as a part of Briercrest, we are able to provide academic, athletic, and fine arts resources that are truly "big school".

We are a private Christian school with public school district support. We value the remarkable opportunity to nurture our students by building into their spiritual development in all aspects of our school life. We benefit from scholastic accountability, professional development, and local competition in fine arts and athletics through our partnership with Prairie South School Division.

We are a small-town community with a global mission. While the community of Caronport is relatively small, we regularly welcome students from all over the world to study and learn with us. And, just as importantly, we learn from them. Although we offer a safe living environment, we endeavour to raise our students' awareness about their place on the planet -- and the Lord's call on their lives to reach beyond their borders and change the world, one moment at a time.

We are a high school with a college campus on our doorstep. At BCA, you can enjoy the benefits of reasonable class sizes, caring teachers, and quality programs-and you can get a head start on your future. Our senior-level Christian Ethics students have the option of taking a first-year college course for credit. As well, our semesters are structured to provide students (if their schedules permit) to take other first-year college courses, which will facilitate either a smoother transition to our local college or another university.

We are a homegrown institution with a dorm student legacy. Briercrest and BCA have been blessed with a strong heritage of faithful investment since 1935 and 1946, respectively. And it's still true that whether you live five minutes away, half an hour away, or 18 hours away, we have a place for you. We provide an educational home for local students, a bus service for commuter students from Moose Jaw and the surrounding area, and a dorm program for students from around Canada and the world.