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I Don't Live in Dorm: How Do I Find Community?

By Shailey Cara

 (BCA Blog)

If you don't live in the dorm, how do you access meaningful community at Briercrest? A fourth-year college student shares advice that can help students of BCA, Briercrest College, and Briercrest Seminary.

Are You Joining us from Abroad? Meet Mrs. Lim!

By Shayla Alexander

Angela Lim is the International Program Coordinator for students in the ENGLISH+ program. She works closely with our students who are furthest away from home to ensure their success. Get to know her below:

Meet Our Director of Discipleship

By Shayla Alexander

Get to know Caleb Willems, our Director of Discipleship who oversees BCA’s chapel program and small group ministry.

New Beginnings with PHA at BCA

By Briercrest Staff

Catherine and Jason Kelly farm at Dodsland Saskatchewan and have entrusted BCA and PHA with not one, but two of their sons. Read below as Catherine recounts their experience having the boys attend BCA while playing Hockey for PHA.

Making Friends with Social Media

By Sid Koop

 (BCA Blog)

As social distancing continues, many families feel forced to live on social media in order to stay connected. Sid Koop discusses how families can build lasting digital discernment habits and why now is the right time to start.

Briercrest Student Life Highlights
February 26, 2021

Highlights from life on campus at Briercrest Christian Academy, College, and Seminary from on-campus events during 2019–2020 academic year at Briercrest.

Interview with College Alumni Matthew Chenard
February 26, 2021

This year in BCA Chapel the goal is to encourage students and staff to build endurance in everyday life and in their faith. Matthew shares how and why he has been intentionally putting himself in uncomfortable situations for the past five years.

Briercrest Christian Academy Discipleship Community
February 26, 2021

Despite new health guidelines and restrictions, community and discipleship are still happening at Briercrest Christian Academy. Watch this video for a picture of what it's really like to be a student at BCA.

Get to know Kevin (Dean of Students)
February 26, 2021

Kevin, Briercrest's Dean of Students, shares a bit about himself, what his role at the school is, and how Colossians 4:2-6 informs his everyday life.

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Have you met Mrs. Resch? She knows all the answers!

By Shayla Alexander

Mrs. Resch is an avid Cougar Athletics fan, she is passionate about helping students and families, and she usually has a bowl of candy at her desk. Get to know our Office Administrator below:

Ask Mr. Peters about Math... He is an Expert!

By Shayla Alexander

Mr. Peters is sure to make students smile with his love for God and his passion for Maths. Get to know him below:

Meet Mrs. Poettcker!

By Shayla Alexander

Mrs. Poettcker teaches a variety of Sciences and Christian Ethics at Briercrest Christian Academy. Get to know her below:

Have you met Mrs. Kozun?

By Shayla Alexander

Mrs. Kozun has been an Educational Assistant at BCA for the last ten years and is a staple to the fabric of our school. Get to know her below:

Meet our Princi(pal) Mrs. Ike!

By Shayla Alexander

Mrs. Ike is the Principal at Briercrest Christian Academy. During her time at BCA, she has seen God faithfully change lives. Get to know her below:

Have you met Mr. Bell?

By Shayla Alexander

Mr. Bell can be found welcoming students into his classroom prepared to help them navigate History and historical concepts, ELA, and Christian Ethics. Get to know him below:

3 Life Lessons I Learned in Math Class at BCA

By Lilly Matthies

Hear one of our students reflect on her influential Math teacher, how he helped her understand concepts, but also love herself.

Teaching Life Champions

By Shayla Alexander

BCA alumna and teacher Shayla Alexander ('11) reflects on her time teaching Prairie Hockey student-athletes and the valuable lessons she learned from her students.

Meet a Sr. English Teacher

By Briercrest Staff

Get to know Linda Klippenstein, Sr. English and History teacher at BCA, as she shares her heart for shaping the lives of students beyond graduation.

School After Quarantine: How BCA got back to Building Community During COVID-19

By Cheryl Crocker

Teacher Cheryl Crocker reflects on returning to the classroom during an entirely different year.

11 to 20 of 21 posts
At BCA I was challenged both academically and spiritually, and at the same time provided an amazing community that I will never forget.
Shaelyn Putnam