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This Fall, Briercrest Christian Academy is moving forward with the Return to Campus Plan. We want to continue to provide students with a safe place to experience a rich discipleship community and further their education in person.

In light of Saskatchewan’s successful operation according to Stage 4 of the Re-open Saskatchewan Plan  we believe that our unique setting and resources make it both reasonable and essential that we return to face to face education for our students.

We are adopting a number of temporary practices to make this possible. Because community experiences like dorm life, chapel, and student life are so central to a Briercrest education, we plan to provide these experiences on campus while prioritizing student safety according to the most recent dictates of the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

This plan for Fall 2020 is highly adaptive, and our COVID-19 committee will continue to monitor evolving best practices related to public protocols and policies for the rest of the academic year.


Return to Campus: A Guide for Briercrest Students

Download our student guide to returning to Briercrest Christian Academy this fall. This eBook covers the key protocols and safety measures in place for arriving on campus, academic life, and campus facilities.

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Return to Campus for International Students

Download our guide for returning to Briercrest Christian Academy campus for International Students.
  • General
  • When does school start?

    BCA check in day will be September 8th and the first day of classes will be September 9th, More information will be sent out to accepted student via email.


  • Will international students be able to study on campus?

    Due to the complications and risks involved in international travel, we will not admit any new or returning international students to study on campus for the September term. Any returning international students who remained in Canada for the summer may return to study campus. Briercrest Christian Academy will not admit any new Grade 12 international students for the 2020-21 school year.

    Online options will be provided for international students until such a time as they are able to obtain a study permit and travel to Canada. 

  • Can I pay for tuition before arrival?

    Yes, if you are interested in receiving a payment estimate, please contact Kathy Brandt, our Student Financial Advisor at 306.756.3357 or When you are ready to pay, payment can be taken by the cash counter over the phone at (1-306-756-3211) or online at

  • COVID-19: Health and Safety Guidelines
  • Is there a plan to lift restrictions as the year progresses?

    Our hope is that these restrictions will be temporary, and that as the Government of Saskatchewan re-opens the province, they will lift these restrictions as soon as it is safe to do so. Our dedicated COVID-19 committee will be continually evaluating these restrictions as the semester progresses and responding to evolving best practices to make adjustments as needed.

  • Do I need to wear a mask at school?

    In accordance with the recent Prairie South School Division guidelines, students are required to wear a mask during indoor transitions (hallways, bathroom visits, etc.). Masks will also be required in classrooms where 15 or more staff and students are present. As a result of these guidelines, parents need to ensure that their child has a reusable mask on the first day of school.

  • Academics
  • What is the new semester schedule?

    We will run an alternate semester schedule of five two-month semesters. Students will enrol in two main classes per semester, along with a third class period for chapel, small group and other mentorship and leadership opportunities.

  • When will course registration open?

    Course registration will open for new and returning students after they have completed the necessary registration information. Contact us to ensure you’re ready for course registration. Returning students can contact the BCA office ( or 306-756-3303). New students can contact the Admissions office ( or 1-800-667-5199). 

    • Grade 12 registration opens on August 17. 
    • Grade 11 registration opens on August 18. 
    • Grade 10 registration opens on August 19. 
    • Grade 9 registration opens on August 20. 
  • What will happen to choir and other classes that involve singing?

    Until further notice, with a few exceptions, we cannot permit group or choir singing in Briercrest buildings due to the extra risk associated with the spread of COVID-19. Choir classes will be cancelled until further notice. An exception will be made for worship teams under SHA guidelines.

    Anyone can sing outdoors with 4 meters spacing (without masks) or 2 meters with a mask

  • Student Residence
  • How do I reserve a spot in the dorm?

    Returning students should contact their Residence Director to confirm that they intend to return to Briercrest. 

    New students should submit their confirmation deposit after receiving acceptance. We recommend that you complete your application as soon as possible so that we can reserve a place for you in the dorm. 

    If you submitted your confirmation deposit prior to the Return to Campus announcement you have already reserved a spot in the dorm. 

  • Will students have roommates in the dorm?

    Dorm occupancy will be limited to 50% capacity. All students will have their own room unless they submit a request for a roommate. Roommate requests must be submitted by both students wanting to share a room. Requests may be sent to 

    There will be no additional fees for single occupancy rooms for the 2020-21 school year. 

  • Will students be able to have guests in the dorm?

    No guests or visitors are permitted in the dormitories. This includes students’ parents and community students.

  • When is dorm move-in day?

    We look forward to welcoming our students on campus.  BCA check in day will be September 8th and the first day of classes will be September 9th.

    If you are unable to move in on September 8th, please contact the Admissions team at


  • Will parents be able to help students move into dorm?

    Yes, parents will be able to assist their children as they move into dorm.

    To help reduce traffic in the dorms during check-in day, students will sign up for designated move-in times and parent access will only be allowed to enter the dorms during this allotted time. In addition to move-in times, we will also have three leaders facilitating the move-in.  One leader will be at the entrance to allow people in when there is room, the second leader will be at the exit to advise the entrance person (e.g. like a waterslide at a public pool), and the third leader will be a Student Development leader within the dorm to ensure that everyone is feeling welcome and also abiding by our Covid guidelines.  

    On move-in day, we hope to facilitate opportunities for parents to help their students settle in, while ensuring we are keeping everyone safe and keeping with the protocols that are in place.  

  • Student Life
  • What will sports look like this year at BCA?

    BCA students will have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities within the parameters outlined by PSSD and the SHSAA.


Dorm Life: Making a Home Away from Home

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in dorm? Join AJ Crocker as he explores everything dorm. AJ is joined by Kirsten Matthies, Sr. Residence Director, as she unpacks all of the details of what it means to be a dorm student in the BCA dorms!

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Admissions Process: How to Become a BCA Student

Join Tessa Riley, Assistant Director of Recruitment, as she unpacks what is necessary to become a student at BCA. Everything from Inquiry to Acceptance. At the end of Tessa's presentation there will be an opportunity for Live Q + A!

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Academics and Culture: The Heartbeat of BCA

Join AJ Crocker as he discusses the foundational aspects of life at BCA: Academics and our school culture. AJ is joined by Principal Deborah Ike, Vice Principal Derek Zacharias.

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BCA Dorms

Briercrest is opening campus up to students this fall! Attend this webinar to learn more about what BCA dorms will look like as we navigate COVID-19 guidelines and best practices.

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High School Classes

Briercrest is opening campus up to students this fall! Attend this webinar to learn more about what a regular BCA school day and semester breakdowns will look like as we navigate COVID-19 guidelines and best practices.

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Complete Return to Campus Plan

Access a complete PDF copy of Briercrest Christian Academy, College, and Seminary’s public Return to Campus plan.

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